Sunday, September 16, 2012

See you next Summer

Northbound Train
Anchorage8:15 AMWasilla9:35 AM
Wasilla9:35 AMTalkeetna11:05 AM
Talkeetna11:20 AMDenali3:45 PM
Denali3:55 PMFairbanks8:00 PM
Southbound Train
Fairbanks8:15 AMDenali12:15 PM
Denali12:25 PMTalkeetna4:40 PM
Talkeetna4:55 PMWasilla6:15 PM
Wasilla6:15 PMAnchorage8:00 PM
Runs May 16-Sep 16, 2012. Northbound to Fairbanks only May 16, Southbound to Anchorage only Sep 16. Onboard service - Dining, baggage service, no-smoking cars, wheelchair access.

Summer train schedule ends today and the passenger train traffic will reduce through Wasilla. We live a few blocks from the station and love waiving to the tourists. The last few cruise ship trains will roll through and then Winter schedule.

Northbound Saturday
Anchorage8:30 AMWasilla9:50 AM
Wasilla9:50 AMTalkeetna11:25 AM
Talkeetna11:25 AMChase11:50 AM
Chase11:50 AMCurry12:10 PM
Curry12:10 PMSherman12:30 PM
Sherman12:30 PMGold Creek12:40 PM
Gold Creek12:40 PMCanyon1:05 PM
Canyon1:05 PMChulitna1:20 PM
Chulitna1:20 PMHurricane1:40 PM
Hurricane1:40 PMDenali3:55 PM
Denali3:55 PMHealy4:40 PM
Healy4:40 PMNenana5:55 PM
Nenana5:55 PMFairbanks8:00 PM
Southbound Sunday
Fairbanks8:30 AMNenana10:30 AM
Nenana10:30 AMHealy11:45 AM
Healy11:45 AMDenali12:30 PM
Denali12:30 PMHurricane2:45 PM
Hurricane2:45 PMChulitna3:05 PM
Chulitna3:05 PMCanyon3:20 PM
Canyon3:20 PMGold Creek3:45 PM
Gold Creek3:45 PMSherman3:55 PM
Sherman3:55 PMCurry4:15 PM
Curry4:15 PMChase4:35 PM
Chase4:35 PMTalkeetna4:50 PM
Talkeetna4:50 PMWasilla6:25 PM
Wasilla6:25 PMAnchorage8:00 PM
Runs weekends only, mid Sep to mid May, Northbound Saturdays, Southbound Sundays. Onboard service - Dining, 

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